MSc course  Nanophotonics 2020 at UvA

MSc course Nanophotonics 2020 at UvA

Nanophotonics is the science of controlling the emission, propagation, scattering, amplification, switching and detection of light on nanometer length scales. The UvA Master Course Nanophotonics covers important topics in nanophotonics, assuming the BSc courses [Griffiths] Classical Electrodynamics as base level.

General organization

Final assignment

Assignment For the final assignment you are organized in teams of two, to jointly produce a brief essay that addresses a ‘key question’ that you will find li...

Zoom recordings

ZOOM recordings of the live lectures are provided for download via a SurfFileSender link. Due to the GDPR/AVG you will need a password to download, which wil...

Organization [updated]

Online teaching Due to Corona, the class is taught online. To enable non-UvA TA’s and teacher, this is done outside of Canvas. This means that you will need:...


Class announcements

Class 11

Class 11 will introduce nonlinear optics.

Class 10

Class 10 will focus on coupled light matter systems.

Class 9

Class 9 will focus on optical microscopy at the diffraction limit, and methods to reach beyond the diffraction limit.

Midterm symposion (Final schedule)

The real fun in Nanophotonics is to see the course concepts in action in current literature. We will have a mid-term symposium during the May 6 (Wednesday a...

Class 8

Class 8 will focus on light emission by quantum emitters, and how to control it with nanophotonic structures.

Class 7

Class 7 will focus on resonant light scattering by nanoparticles, and the applications thereof in metasurfaces and microscopy. New ZOOM coordinates sent by e...

Virtual labtour

Virtual labtour Nanophotonics in Amsterdam, and tutorial looking back at problem sets 1 and 2

Class 6

In Class 6 we will look at microcavities and their applications, in particular the field of cavity optomechanics

Class 5

Class 5 will go deeper into photonic crystals.

Class 4

Class 4 will introduce the concept of photonic crystals.

Class 3

Class 3 will go deeper into the field of plasmonics: nano-scale optics done with plasmons at metal interfaces.

Class 2

Time: Wednesday April 1st, 13:00 to 17:00

Class 1

Class 1 will motivate the course, and provide a refresher to the basics: Maxwell equations, plane waves, energy in electromagnetism, and boundary conditions