Final assignment

Final assignment


For the final assignment you are organized in teams of two, to jointly produce a brief essay that addresses a ‘key question’ that you will find listed below together with the team assignment. The idea of this assignment is that you start by reading a set of papers. They are provided through the links below. Next, on basis of the papers together you discuss the key question as posed for your team. Finally, you write an essay that presents and answers/discusses the key question, using the papers as illustration.

You can download the assignment here. Full contact info for your team mate is not listed in the assignment. You should in principle all be able to find each other on SLACK. In case you don’t, e-mail me.


First, we grade your jointly prepared essays with a single grade. Next, we schedule ca. 10 min. ZOOM interviews with each of you individually where we quiz you briefly about the essay. This provides an individual differentiation of the grade (e.g. – you can earn an additional top up to the mark!). The discussion will start by a single slide that you’ll present to summarize your essay in 2 minutes.


  • The assignment is handed out on May 13, and handed in on May 27 by 18:00 hrs as PDF that you can e-mail to
  • The short orals are scheduled by default on May 29 [morning is our reserved exam slot]. The detailed schedule can be found on SLACK.

Expectation for the essays:

  1. Length 1000-1200 words (excl. captions, 150 wrd abstract, author statement)
  2. Up to four display items, i.e., figures, to illustrate your point of view on the key questions
  3. The essay has the following constituents
    • Introduction to explain what is the research question and why it is important in the wider context of nanophotonics
    • In as far as needed, a brief theoretical background to explain those aspects that you need to explain your answer to the key question posed to you, and the evidence that the paper set offers
    • Brief discussion of the results of each paper in as far as they help to elucidate the answer to the key question posed to you
    • Importantly: your viewpoint/answer on/to the key question asked. *. A < 150 word ‘author statement’ - explaining how you distributed the tasks and tackled the assignment.