Organization [updated]

Organization [updated]

Online teaching

Due to Corona, the class is taught online. To enable non-UvA TA’s and teacher, this is done outside of Canvas. This means that you will need:

  • To join the Nanophotonics Class SLACK channel. Install the SLACK app on your PC. You get an e-mail to join the slack channel
  • Lectures will be given live by ZOOM. Install the ZOOM app!
  • The ZOOM invite comes via a SLACK announcement and via e-mail. Be on time!
  • For tutorials you can chat with the TAs in SLACK, and mediated through Slack also ZOOM or e-mail with them.

Course material

  • the course sticks to the original class slots - Monday 09:00 to 13:00 and Wednesday 13:00 to 17:00, with occasional shifts due to Easter/etc…
  • slides are posted on this website the day before the class, using the per-class web-posts.
  • exercises are posted on this website using the per-class web-posts.
  • We record the ZOOM sessions of the classes, and will make them available to you, but not public in view of GDPR.


Grading (revised)

The exam committee MSc Physics and Astronomy has reviewed all the alternative plans for grading that teachers handed in light of the Corona situation. They informed me that homework exercises cannot be accepted as a major fraction of the grade. Therefore, the grading will be based on:

  • 33% of the grade is based on homework exercises. We reduce the exercise load from 7 to 6 sets and further. Your best 5 out of 6 count.
  • 33% of the grade is based on your paper presentation in the mid-term symposion on May 6
  • 33% of the grade is based on the final examination, for which the exact format will be communicated to you shortly.